Breeds that will want everything this year

Did you think that only your evening dress or living room textiles could be designer? You will be surprised, but the concept of “designer” breed of dog officially exists.

These are hybrid breeds, specially crossed by selectors. Plus, these puppies are not only in their charming form, but also in their perfect adaptability to home: they are famous for their lack of aggression, hypoallergenicity and excellent immunity.

We are telling you about the ones that are already becoming popular and that everyone will want to have at home soon.

Australian poodle

An Australian poodle (or auschiiedosselle) is a mixture of an Australian shepherd with a standard or miniature poodle.

Both breeds, of which the result is a fluffy charm, are considered to be Einstein dog breeds, so the new breed is also a clever one, whose IQ can sometimes be envied even by its owner.

These puppies are easy to learn, extremely loyal to all family members, full of energy and instinctively able to live in a large family.


Pomsky – blue-eyed beauties, created from a mixture of Siberian husky and steeple. This designer dog breed is known for its charming appearance.

Since the colour of the puppies depends on the nature of the crossing, but the colour of the eyes is determined exclusively by the husky genome. Therefore, with one look they are able to melt any heart.

In addition, pomskas can tolerate forced loneliness, feel great both in a large family and in a quiet house with a single owner.


This hybrid breed was bred by crossing Maltese bogs with Shi tzu. Baby-sheep owners find them very friendly, funny and caring, and there is even a special definition for such pets – “companion dog”.

Not only a favourite family member, but also a vigilant watchman can come out of the baby-sheep. Although it should be taken into account that if the baby-sheeper stays in the apartment alone, he will bark until you come back and pay attention to him.


Another cute creature who falls in love with himself instantly and irrevocably is a maltiputa, a mixture of a Maltese bottle and a toy-poodle. Maltype is well brought up. And, importantly, they get along with older children, as well as other dogs and cats.

These lovely creatures trust absolutely everyone who is kind to them, so maltipu never becomes a good watchdog. On the other hand, they don’t molt, they have hypoallergenic wool and can help in the treatment of canisterapia.


As the name suggests, this breed also came from a poodle, only now with the Yorkshire Terrier. Like most terriers, they are very hyperactive, mobile and absolutely fearless.

At the same time, they are much easier to train than the same terriers. Despite their tiny size, they have a duty to protect their home and take care of the owner.

On the other hand, it is their small size that makes them ideal pets for small houses and apartments, almost not molten and do not cause allergies.


It’s a cross between Schnauzer and poodle. Shoelace owners say that this breed is as playful as possible – as if it wants nothing but to sit on its knees and entertain you.

The good news is that if you’re lonely, he’s ready to keep you company for a long distance. But in return, he’ll need the same attention. A cord like no one else can feel the sense of separation and make a mess of the house if no one is playing with it.


Labradoodle – not difficult to understand – is a breed of dog created by crossing a labrador retriever and a poodle. His main feature, which we can all envy – almost the complete absence of disease.

Labradoodle is also known as the “perfect family dog”, which will be fun and enthusiastic to play with your child. However, because of the sudden fervor, older labradul can even knock your baby down. So it is important to teach him since childhood to socialize with people and pets who do not live with him.


This little energy guy is a mixture of a golden retriever and a poodle. Not even like this, it’s a devoted, affectionate retriever caught in the body of a tiny poodle.

Goldenheads are well trained, very clever and absolutely not aggressive. True, they can be a little naughty, so for their perfect maintenance you need a yard where they can throw out plenty of energy.