Which pet is right for your family?

Sooner or later, every child asks their parents to buy a puppy or kitten. But don’t rush to say no. Perhaps you underestimate the positive impact of pets in the home. Our article will help you choose your pet based on your family’s abilities and the nature of your child.

The cat…

To the extent possible, a sociable animal and to the extent possible a trainee. The fact that cats cannot be trained can disprove not only Kuklachev, but also many of your friends. However, raising cats really requires a lot of patience, because they don’t understand the punishments.

In addition to being admired, cats have a positive effect on health: when you pet a cat, your heart rate slows and your blood pressure drops. Even broken bones will grow faster to the sound of purring.

A cat fits your family if:

  • You like to spend time at home in peace;
  • you are ready to spend at least 15-20 thousand rubles a year on your cat: good food, toilet filler, regular vaccinations and other treatment, toys, claws.

A cat doesn’t fit your family if:

  • You want your cat to be the only cat in your home that performs the interior function. Cats require quite a lot of attention: communication, affection, games;
  • You often leave with your whole family and there is no one to leave your cat with. She’ll miss you, but also if she’s not clean, she may find another place in your apartment.

Get a cat if you want a baby:

  • has become more patient and restrained – you can’t force your cat into a position;
  • has learned to be independent and considerate – the cat will lead by example.


I guess everybody dreamed of a dog, at least as a kid. The devotion of these animals in the art, and a large number of classes with dogs – game, tricks, just a joint walk – is very attractive to anyone who lacks communication and warmth.

The variety of breeds allows you to choose an animal that best suits your character, financial capabilities and availability of free time.

Dog owners lead a more active lifestyle and are less prone to anxiety and depression.

A dog fits your family if:

  • You like to walk a lot (including running or riding a bike) or you are absolutely sure that you need it;
  • You live in a country house or a spacious apartment. You can even get more than one dog, so they’ll require a little less attention from you.

A dog isn’t right for your family if:

  • No one is home most of the day – loneliness is like torture for a dog;
  • You won’t be able to find a couple of hours (and for many breeds or more) of walking and playing every day: 15 minutes in the morning and evening will be enough to “do the job”, but not enough for your dog’s normal development and mood;
  • There is a limited animal budget. A dog, especially a big one, will cost even more than a cat.

Get a dog if you want a baby:

  • has become more disciplined and responsible – a walk at a certain time of day will require a dog to be very persistent;
  • More moving – games, walks, training are necessary for the dog for a few hours a day;
  • has become sociable – dogs often communicate with each other on the walking area, and dogs also find their own friends among the neighbors;
  • has learned loyalty and friendship.

In fact, a cat or dog in civilized countries is no longer just a pet. Usually these animals live 10-20 years and during this time they become full members of the family.

Therefore, if you do not have any experience of keeping pets or you are not sure about your plans for the next few years (for example, you plan to move to another country), you should start with other animals – smaller and easier.


Hamsters, jungaricans (also hamsters, but smaller), sand lancels (looking like something between a rat and a hamster), rats, mice (satin, for example, very beautiful), rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas – today in pet shops there is something to choose from. There are also kennels where you can buy different breeds of these animals of all colors from naked to curly.

The life span of small rodents is literally a couple of years. guinea pigs, rabbits and chinchillas hypothetically live longer, but for various reasons rarely experience the age of 5-7 years.

The most gentle ones are rats. The favorite place of these smart animals is the shoulder of the owner. Rats are very attached to their owners when they communicate regularly. Aggression of these rodents should not be afraid: almost any manipulation of the rat, brought up since childhood, patiently endure. You’d rather be surprised by their tenderness.

To observe interesting hamsters, sand lilies, mice. Especially if you start several individuals at once (of the same sex, so that the number does not start to grow exponentially). The more equipment you put in the cage, the more interesting will be the life of the rodent and its observation.

guinea pigs have a particularly comfortable feature: they do not want to run away. Even if you put the pig in a small aviary, it will not jump out and hide in the apartment. At the same time, the mumps are large enough and not too abrupt, making them good pets for young children.

Chinchillas have recently become quite popular for home maintenance. However, they require very large cages, and they themselves are quite expensive. These animals are also active at night, usually asleep during the day and not too happy to communicate.